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Greece is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. It is a country that has countless great experiences to offer. This is where history blends harmonically with the contemporary surrounded by generous nature and enhanced with probably the best weather conditions in the world where sun shines more than 300 days/year.

 Visiting Greece, you will realize that the tourist alternatives are totally endless. It is a country ideal for everyone! Here, you can enjoy extreme, alternative, budget, luxurious, religious holidays. You can visit some of the greatest archaeological sites and monuments, enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, taste the world-famous Greek cuisine, experience the very warm hospitality of the locals, and, of course, discover its ‘treasures’ by car.

Over the last decades, Greek governments and the EU have invested quite a few billions of euros for the development of the country’s road infrustructure. Regarding the accommodation, you will find everything you may have ever dreamed of and even above your expectations. As can someone easily conclude, because of its great tourist popularity, almost every part of Greece has an airport nearby. Except the large international airports of Athens and Thessaloniki, there are also many smaller peripheral airports that co-operate with large airline/charter companies.

 If you are looking for a Greek airport situated in the ‘heart’ of the country’s mainland, then the Nea Anchialos National Airport (VOL) seems to be your ideal choice. The Nea Anchialos National Airport (VOL) operates since 1993 and is a modern airport that serves domestic/international and charter flights connecting Central Greece with some of the largest European cities, such as : London, Manchester (UK), Paris, Lyon (France), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Geneva (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria) ,Prague (Czech Republic). During the peak tourist period May - September, there are many flights operating daily. Therefore, you will have plenty of alternatives to choose from. Even if you don’t live at one of these countries or you live outside Europe, you can always check out the connection flights with other airline companies that you can combine with those to the Nea Anchialos National Airport (VOL). Airline companies that operate at this airport are HOP!, Germania, EnterAir, Transavia.com, Transavia France, FlyNiki, Austrian, Small Planet Airlines, Monarch, Europe Airpost, Travel Service.

The airport seems to be a fast developing airport with an ever-growing number of airline companies being frequently added. It has all the infrastructures needed to deal with any passenger needs, just like any larger modern airport. At the central hall, you will find the three most well known international car hire agencies: Hertz, Budget, Avis.The airport is located 3 km from the exit of Almyros Interchange on Highway E75 and 25km south of Volos (less than 30 minutes driving distance).

The Nea Anchialos National Airport is a great choice for those who want to spend their summer holidays in Central Greece. The greatest poles of tourist attraction in Central Greece are Volos, Mount. Pelion, the island complex of Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros), Meteora, Lake Plastiras, etc.

As mentioned above, the airport is located very close to the city of Volos, one of the most beautiful cities in Greece built under the ‘blessed’ Mount. Pelion. It rates among the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and many Greeks drive to Volos and Pelion for their weekend escapes or drive to Volos port in order to get aboard a ferry to Sporades.

Volos… a ‘mythical destination’ and land of the Argonauts and Centaurs!

ArgoVolos is one of the largest and most beautiful Greek cities. Its port rates among the country’s most crucial ones. It is located in the ‘heart’ of mainland Greece (320 km north-east from Athens and 219 km south-west of Thessaloniki) next to the calm and azure waters of the Pagasitikos Gulf at the foot of the blessed Mount. Pelion. Volos combines the picturesque characteristics of a seaside city with the mysterious and seductive beauty of Pelion; the mount of the Centaurs.

The city’s rich history is evident everywhere. The beautiful neo-classical buildings reflect its nobility. While in Volos, you will see many mansions, public buildings, museums, historic industrial buildings and factories dating in the late 19th and early 20th Century, historic and picturesque churches and many more. Your visit to Volos will soon turn into a very enjoyable experience.

The sea creates a beautiful seafront. There you will find loads of  traditional fish taverns (aka tsipouradika) that are one of the most famous spots. Many Greeks drive hundreds of km from many parts of Greece in order to enjoy the mouth-watering seafood side dishes that accompany the delicious tsipouro and ouzo; the traditional alcoholic drink served with ice. The pedestrianized coastal front (Argonauts Str.) offers great conditions for evening walks where the images of  hundreds of yachts blend with the changing colours of the sea and the sky.  

Volos - Points of Interest

VolosThe points of interest found in this beautiful city are too many to visit in just a day or a couple of days. Volos is a city that you will need at least a week in order to get a good taste of its beauties. Over the last two decades, the authorities have invested loads of money to turn Volos into an eco-friendly city. With a well developed and organized network of cycle tracks over-exceeding 10kms, it's an ideal city to explore by feet or bicycle. You just need to park your car at one of the many public parking spaces, and you can enjoy some great walking routes within the urban ‘heart’ of the city.

Within a couple of hours of walking distance, you will have the opportunity to visit the city’s great historic industrial buildings of the late 18th and early 20th century. They are great representatives of the local indrustrialized architectural style and reflect the city’s great industrial past. Volos was one of the first industrialized cities during the Greek Industrial Revolution. On the northwest part of the city, you will find the Nea Ionia area. It was inhabited and developed by the refugees that fled to Volos from Asia Minor after the huge humanitarian disaster that occurred there in the 1920s. There, you will have the opportunity to see many buildings dating back to this era. Overall, the neo-classical mansions, the picturesque historic rail station, the working class buildings, the historic industrial monuments, the contemporary buildings, the squares, the excellent road network, the tourist shops, the museums, the churches, the buzzing University of Thessalia, and many more, create an amazingly interesting and colourful amalgam of a distinctive city.

The wide Iasonos and Dimitriados Avenues, the pedestrianized merchants streets, such as Ermou and Kontaratou (there you will find many stunning cafes and restaurants), create a well balanced road network that make the exploration of the city very easy. You just need a map or a GPS, and you will never get lost.

While in Volos, don’t forget to visit:

- The fully pedestrianized seafront Argonauts Str., where you will have the opportunity to see the replica of the mythical Argo ship. This replica travelled more than 600 nautical miles from Volos to Ithaca in 2008 and proved scientifically that the myth of the Argonauts was rather real. The Argo is the city’s trademark and on the Argonauts Str. you will also find the famous sculpture of this ancient ship.

- The beautiful historic Papastratos building (built in 1926)  that houses the University of Thessaly.

- The historic ‘Palia’ district found on the west part of the city. It is believed that this area is being inhabited non-stop since 3000 BC. Some historians believe that this is where the ancient Iolkos was located. At this district you will also find the ruins of Roman Baths, the ruins of the ancient city’s castle (mid 6th Century AD), and the Tsalapata ceramics factory complex (1925) one of the first fully industrialized units in Greece. Nowadays, the Tsalapata complex is a contemporary industrial park consisting of the museum, various taverns, galleries and music stages.  

- The Rigas Feraios Square, the largest square in Volos. There, are located the Volos Town Hall and the Municipal Theatre that has the largest theatrical stage in the Balkans.

- The large Agios Konstantinos park with the homonymous church, built in 1936. This park is next to the Anauros park where you will find an outstanding open air contemporary sculpture gallery. In the Anauros park is also located the Volos Museum with various and detailed exhibitions dating many thousands of years.

Someone could write pages upon pages for the Volos points of interest! Those mentioned above are only very few that someone must visit. While you stay in this beautiful city, you will certainly discover hundreds more.

Use Volos as your base and explore its majestic and seductive surroundings.

Just few km west of Volos, you will find the archaeological sites of Sesklo (this settlement dates somewhere close to 6000 BC and is the oldest in Europe) and Dimini (one of the most famous and important Neolithic settlements found in Greece).

The north and northeast side of Volos is being protected by the Mount Pelion; the mountain of the mythical Centaurs that rates among the most beautiful Greek mountains. As you will drive, you will discover every few km great traditional settlements built strictly according to the traditional architectural style of Pelion. Most of these settlements and villages date as back as the 15th and 16th Century. At the mountain’s peak, you will find a great ski resort. This ski resort is the only in Europe where you can enjoy two different sea views; that of the Aegean Sea and that of Pagasitikos Gulf.

19th century steam trainIf you will be visiting Volos during the summer, you must book a ticket for the historic route of the 19th Century steam train (aka Moutzouris). This route became firstly operational in 1895 and used to connect the seaside Lechonia village with the mountainous Milies village (alt. 400m). This route costs about 15-18euros (with return) and is being characterized as one of the most beautiful historic train routes of Europe.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Mount Pelion has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, most of which have the Blue Flag (A beach with a Blue Flag has crystal clear waters, is clean and well organized, ideal for tourists). You can either choose beaches found on the Pagasitikos Gulf or the east side of the mountain on the Aegean Sea.

Mount Pelion Driving Routes

Mount PelionExploring Mount Pelion by car is probably one of the most important reasons why choosing to rent a car is a wise choice. All the Pelion villages and most of the magical beaches are easily accessible by car. The mountain road network splits into two major roads. The first road connects the villages of the eastern Pelion, Chania, Zagora, and the villages of the western Pelion. The second road could be characterized as a coastal road because it connects the seaside villages that are found in the Pagasitikos Gulf. These two roads are being connected via a crossroad close to the villages Milies, Kalamaki, and Neochori.

The first road is rather mountainous, and therefore you will have to deal with more turns, but you will need to choose it if you want to visit the east and west Pelion villages. The second road is easier to drive, and you will need to choose it if you want to visit the central and south Pelion villages. In general terms, the Pelion road network is in a very good condition and well signed. Even though you will have to deal with many turns, the great views will surely compensate you!

Visiting Volos and Pelion? Then you should visit the Sporades island complex, too!

These four beautiful islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros) are just a few hours with the ferry from the port of Volos. They  are well known for their amazing azure and crystal clear waters and their pine tree beaches. There you will also find the protected marine park where lives the endangered seal monachous - monachous; an ideal destination for eco-friendly tourists or those seeking alternative kind of summer holidays.

The lively and picturesque settlements combine harmonically the local traditions with buzzing nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine, and serene surroundings! Just imagine your daily programme including short cruises with small fishing boats to various distant and purely natural beaches, walking at picturesque cobblestone pavements and discovering the folklore culture found at the various tourist shops and historic sights, chilling out at the many cafes, tasting delicious traditional food, socializing with friends while enjoying refreshing cocktails by the sea… did these images make you day dream? Well, these are only a few of the things you can do while visiting Sporades!

No wonder why most of the tourists visiting one of the islands, don’t stay at just one, but rather follow a very popular trend called island hopping and stay a bit at all of them. The good news is that the islands during the summer period are connected with very frequent routes connecting each other and also connecting all of them with the large port of Volos.

SkiathosSkiathos is the most cosmopolitan island of the four with its nightlife being second only to that of Mykonos. Loads of beach bars, nightclubs, restaurants and exquisite bars await you on this beautiful island. Its town is lively and crowded, has great hotel units, studios, and villas. Its beaches are famous, but even more famous are the beach parties that take place on a daily basis attracting young people from all over the world. This great club culture makes Skiathos ideal for people 17-40, couples, groups of friends, and those who are looking for buzzing holidays.

Skopelos IslandOn the other hand, Skopelos is ideal for those who are looking for a serene island. Ideal for families and older people, Skopelos is a real natural paradise on Earth. With a rather low profile, smaller hotel units that are mostly run by families, it will surely offer you some amazingly relaxing holidays. If you are looking for even quieter and closer to nature holidays, then Alonissos is even more suitable. Alonissos is an ideal place for those who are looking to escape from the ‘noise’ of the everyday life, love to enjoy fresh fish, spend countless hours sunbathing and diving, and want to be mostly surrounded by nature rather than people! On Alonissos, you will feel like a modern Robinson Crusoe and while there you are strongly advised to visit the protected marine park where lives the endangered seal Monachous - Monachous. Similarly to Skopelos and Alonissos, Skyros is also a great island for those looking for relaxing holidays. Its landscape though is rather wilder and harsher, mostly similar to those of Cyclades!

Summing up, choosing the Anchialos National Airport (VOL) is a great choice simply because it is very close to Volos, mount. Pelion and the Sporades islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros). Therefore, you can rent a car, pick it up when your flight arrives at the airport, and explore all the amazingly beautiful landscapes and places that this part of Central Greece has to offer you. Car rental will give you great autonomy and the opportunity to visit most of the places mentioned in this article. Using  www.cargreece.gr and dealing with your car renting issue from the comfort of your house will even further enhance your summer experience in Greece. No need to worry, no need to stress. You choose the car that most suits your needs and budget from the large database of www.cargreece.gr  and you pick it up at the Anchialos National Airport (VOL). From there is up to you how you want to organize your summer holidays. Keep in mind that if you want to visit all these places mentioned in this article, you will ideally need at least two weeks!

Leave the stress of everyday life behind….explore your own myths in Magnesia!

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