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Car Rentals in Greece

There’s a reason that millions of people visit Greece each year. The rich history, beautiful beaches and stunning vistas have much to offer international visitors. Whether you want to visit popular tourist destinations in Athens or you want to enjoy a visit to the island of Crete, everyone will find something they love in the country. History lovers will enjoy visiting the National Archaeological Museum and art lovers will appreciate visiting the National Gallery in Athens. Indulge in plenty of pampering at one of Greece’s many spas or enjoy the sun and sparkling waters at the countries best beaches. Whatever you choose to do while you’re in the country, you’ll definitely want to invest in car rentals in Greece.

Benefits of Renting a Car

If you’re looking to get the best possible experience from your holiday, you won’t want to miss out on renting a car. The benefits of hiring your own car in Greece are unmatched by any taxi or bus service. When you’re driving down the open road in your own vehicle, you’ll wonder how you would have coped without it!

One of the biggest benefits of renting a car from CarGreece.gr is the freedom you’ll gain. When you’re tied to public transport, you’ll find that your holiday is limited to their schedules and their locations. When you’re in your own car, you can travel at your own pace – forget waking up early to catch a bus, or making it back to the hotel before the last taxi leaves. Car rental will allow you to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Travelling in a tour bus means missing out on so many beautiful locations, only seeing them with a passing glance. In a car, you can stop at any time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and you can even stop for bathroom breaks or breathers. You’ll be able to listen to your own music, eat your own food, and have your own private time. If you’re feeling truly adventurous, you could even use your rental car to spend a night or two in another part of your destination.

As if that wasn’t enough, the convenience of renting a car will give you unrivalled peace of mind. Gone are the days of carrying heavy shopping and other essentials, leaving you tired and sluggish all day. Simply pop your belongings in the boot of your car, and drive off to your location. CarGreece.gr also offers convenient pick up and drop off locations throughout the Greek islands and cities, including the airports. Precious time that would have been spent waiting for taxis and buses can now be used to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. You’ll be able to travel in larger groups than taxis allow thanks to our wide range of vehicles in various sizes, and you’ll certainly prefer GPS to fiddly maps. Combine that with car rental’s ability to keep you and your family safer (by eliminating the need to wait for taxis in dark streets and allowing you to use your baby’s car seat), and you’ll finally be able to breathe easy.

With our Best Price Guarantee, you won’t find a more low-cost, budget-friendly option. Don’t miss out on everything Greece has to offer.

The Right Car for You

So: you know you want a car, but which one is the best for you? CarGreece.gr offers so many options, it may be hard to choose. The right rental car for you is definitely out there; it all comes down to your wishes and requirements.

One of the most important factors when you choose a car from us is space. If you’re a solo traveller or in a small group of adults, you may prefer one of our smaller cars, which will also save you money on fuel. Families can go for the one of our larger options. We have cars with space for big groups and car seats, so you never need to worry about being cramped. Remember to always keep in mind the amount of luggage and extras you’re carrying.

You should also take your holiday itinerary into account. Smaller cars are better for travelling on narrow roads outside of the metropolitan areas, while four-wheel drive is an ideal choice for those looking to take on mountainous, rocky areas.

Don’t forget the little things – if you need a feature such as GPS or automatic transmission, make sure you choose from our range cars offering these benefits. CarGreece.gr can even provide the environmentally-conscious traveller with a “green” car with lower fuel emissions.

We have everything you could hope for in a car, and then some!

 Tips for Saving on Car Rentals in Greece

Luckily, CarGreece.gr offers you a Best Price Guarantee, so you’ll never overspend on car rental with us. However, there are still a number of other ways to cut car costs and keep more money in your wallet for drinking, dining, shopping and having fun. Take note of our top tips below:

-  Tip #1 – Rent a Vehicle for Longer Periods of Time – It may surprise you, but you’ll often save money if you rent your car for a longer period of time. If you were considering only hiring a car for part of your holiday, you may find it’s cheaper to keep the vehicle for the entire duration.

-  Tip #2 – The Smaller, the Better – Most of our smaller vehicles are cheaper to rent, and can save you a lot in fuel costs. Though choosing a large, luxury car can be fun, you’ll save money by choosing the smallest car that will work for you.

Tip #3 – Buy Online for Discounts & Deals – At CarGreece.gr we often offer our customers discounts and deals. You can also compare prices from popular agents such as Hertz, Avis, Budget and Alamo to make sure you’re finding the lowest prices and saving yourself money.

Tip #4 – Book Early – Even during peak times, booking your car early can save you money. It’s best to book your rental straight after you’ve booked your holiday, but even booking a few weeks in advance could save you hundreds.

-  Tip #5 Pay in Advance – Prepaying your rental fees can help you keep a lot more money in your pocket. Check for prepayment savings when you book with us.

-  Tip #6Keep the Law on Your Side – The driving laws in Greece may be different to what you’re used to at home, so make sure you read up in advance to avoid potentially hefty fines from the police.

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