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Rhodes Car Rentals


A paradise of breath-taking beaches, vibrant nightlife, historical ruins and traditional villages? It could only be Rhodes! Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese archipelago, located in the Aegean Sea. This sunny island has been inhabited since the Stone Age, founded in the fifth century BC from its largest cities – Lindos, Ialyssos and Kamiros. Since then, Rhodes has been home to famous artists, writers and philosophers, and its popularity with travellers is ever-growing.

This is the ideal destination for families, couples and solo travellers alike, and your holiday will definitely be complimented by your car hire from CarGreece.gr. We offer simple and affordable car rental, taking all the hard work out of your vacation. Choose from a wide range of vehicles and pick-up locations so you can get on your way to exploring Rhodes without any of the hassle. Whatever you’re looking for in a travel destination, Rhodes offers a plethora of beaches to relax on, wooded valleys to wander through, ancient ruins dating back thousands of years and nightclubs where you can party ‘til dawn.


Driving is undoubtedly the best way to see Rhodes, with safe and enjoyable driving lanes and plenty of space to park. You can start your day with a visit to the Old Town to sample delicious food from one (or all!) of the restaurants lining the roads. Stop for a drink at a tavern before wandering through the maze of cobbled streets. The rich history is almost intoxicating, and the Byzantine structures will have you in awe.

If you enjoy that, you won’t be disappointed with a drive to Lindos to see the Acropolis. Rest up in the car because the 116m climb to the top will take more than a little energy to get through. It’s worth it in the end, though; the beautiful view will truly blow you away. Of course, you don’t have to watch. Swap your car for a donkey temporarily to save yourself the climb if you just can’t face it. You’ll still be buzzing from this ancient marvel when you head into the village of Lindos for gastro-paradise. Eat and drink traditional Rhodian dishes and recharge your batteries before another big venture. This time, take yourself to the thirteenth century Castle of the Knights of St John and imagine how the other half once lived.

These historical remains are, for some, the most prized possessions of Rhodes. For others, the great beaches on the outskirts are where the buzz is. The east coast will offer you a strip of uninterrupted sand to lounge on, making it a popular location for holiday resorts. If you want to escape the tourists and find seclusion, head down to Kalithea or Kolymbia with a towel and a good book at the ready. On the opposite side of things, if you’re a party animal then Falikiri is home to the youth nightlife scene, where you can party ‘til the sun comes up – and then some more.

Popular Pick-up locations in Rhodes
Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
Rhodes Port
Downtown - City Center