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Car Trip from Athens to Nafplion

Nafplion…Your perfect weekend destination in Greece!

The everyday life is full of pressure, negative feelings, deadlines and very tense rhythms which tend to absorb almost all of your energy levels. If you add up the fewer hours of sunlight and the cold temperatures during the winter, it is almost sure that sooner or later you will run out of energy and enthusiasm. Have you ever thought of escaping for a weekend to a romantic city in Greece where time passes slowly, and the feeling is easy? What about visiting Nafplio in Greece for a weekend?

Greece is one of the top summer tourist destinations in the world, with Greek islands rating among the most popular destinations equally for rich and poor. But Greece is a lot more than an all-inclusive summer holiday package at a luxurious hotel situated in a famous Greek island. Greece is a country of multi-dimensional experiences all 4 seasons around with mainland Greece having so much to reveal to those who are willing to discover it.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to plan a weekend escape to Greece, regardless where you live in Europe. Distance, time, costs have been minimized dramatically over the last couple of decades. You can easily surf the web and find or schedule by yourself all the details of your weekend escape, from plane tickets to hotel room reservations and a car rental service with us. All within the proximity of few clicks and few keystrokes…and you are ready to fly away to this beautifully romantic city in mainland Greece, called Nafplion.

Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, Athens - Nafplion

The international airport of Athens is one of the busiest airports not only in Greece, but also in Europe. Therefore, you can find many flights to/from Athens. When you arrive, you are strongly advised to choose a car rental service, to continue your trip in the mainland of Greece. To avoid all the fuss of trying to rent a car at the very last moment, you can visit our website www.cargreece.gr. Here you can rent a car that is mostly suitable for your needs, and definitely within your budget limits. With prices starting from only around €35, it looks like a great bargain! Choose the car rental services from www.cargreece.gr, make your booking online and pick up your car at the airport when your flight arrives.

As you can see in the Google map, Nafplio is only 170 km away from Athens International Airport, and taking under consideration normal traffic conditions, you will arrive there in less than two hours. This is great, especially if you will get a morning flight because that means that you will be able to check in to your hotel around Friday afternoon. If you book your return flight on Sunday evening, then you will spend Friday evening, the whole Saturday, and Sunday afternoon in Nafplion, before driving back to Athens airport, boarding your plane and returning home. All these before Sunday midnight; what a great bargain that is, especially when you realize that the weekend won’t cost you more than  €500/couple (incl. all costs), always depending on your needs and expectations.

When you pick up your car from the car rental provider and drive your way out of the airport, you will get a first feeling of the modern Greek road network. Most of your driving distance is via the E94 highway, with spacious lanes and loads of beautiful sightseeing all the way. Therefore, it is good to have a nice camera because you will have plenty of opportunities to shoot some great scenes and pics.  

Nafplio … the first capital of modern Greece and one of the most romantic Greek cities!

When you are approaching Nafplion, just after less than two hours, a magical and picturesque scenery of the city will be awaiting you. The three castles of the city dominate the scenery - Palamidi, Akronavplia, Bourtzi - and their robust architecture is being reflected on the calm waters of the Argolic Gulf.  

The castle of Bourtzi is the main attraction of Nafplio and one of the most romantic sunset spots in Greece. You are strongly suggested to walk its 999 steps up the cliff to feel the amazing magnitude of this place’s uniqueness.

As you will drive your way through Nafplio, you will come across some interesting sightseeing, such as the Old Parliament of Greece. Nafplio used to be the first capital of the modern Greek state in 1823, and the city reflects its old time glory and nobility in every corner and every building.

If you were looking for a place to chill out and spend romantic, loving moments, then you will be thrilled with Nafplio. Walk through the Old city, and the cobble stoned pavements, entertain your palate with orgasmic Greek cuisine creations, let your senses free watching the flowery gardens and trees. Try to reject all the negative energy and welcome all these romantic and positive vibes that this beautiful city has to offer.

Discover Nafplio and soon you will realize what you were missing all this time. At the end of your weekend escape, as you will be driving your way back to the airport, warm emotions, romantic pictures, seductive scents and mouthwatering tastes will be teasing your sub-conscious asking you for more.

Planning your weekend escapes online, renting a car and discovering Greece in this alternative and adventurous way will refresh you! What about escaping from the routine on a more regular basis? At the end of the day, it doesn’t cost a lot, and you deserve it!