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Car Trip from Athens to Delphi

Delphi… A trip in ancient Greece!

If you are planning to visit Athens for a week or so and intend to rent a car, then you should drive to Delphi.

Greece is famous all over the world for its great ancient civilization upon which the roots of modern day societies grow. Characterized as the cradle of ancient arts, sciences, sports, humanities and geometrical structures, the city of Athens has many amazing archeological remainings for the visitor to admire and learn more about ancient Greeks. But Athens is also surrounded by many other places that are definitely worth the visit!

One of the greatest poles of attraction during the ancient times, was the ancient city of Delphi, which thrived around the most famous Oracle of ancient times; the Delphi Oracle!

Its power was so great that even kings from Persia and many far away places were visiting it in order to be informed by the foreseer what the Gods were planning. Of course, all these after paying in gold, precious metals or any expensive and artistic objects. Over the centuries, the Delphi Oracle became an extremely wealthy city with great powers. That wealth is evident everywhere the modern visitor looks at.

Driving to Delphi from Athens

One of the best ways to discover Greece or any place is to rent a car. This gives you a great autonomy and the ability to schedule your time and things to do exactly the way you prefer. There are many car rental services in Greece that offer extremely economical deals to rent a car; therefore, it is advisable to check out the internet beforehand in order to grab the best possible deal. Check out the www.cargreece.gr for the latest offers and discover yourself why this website is being characterized as a car rental specialist.

In this way, by visiting Athens you can visit many nearby places, such as Delphi. In order to get there, you will have to drive through the Athina - Lamia highway, and when you will be approaching Orhomenos, turn towards Arachova; a picturesque town with beautiful stone built houses situated in the Parnassos mountain. Close to Arachova you will see road signs towards Delphi. Delphi is a little bit less than 200km away from Athens and a little bit less than 3 hours driving distance as you can see in the google map. In the beginning, you may think that it is too far away, but the road is in excellent condition (except few parts), and it is definitely worth it. The mountainous scenery is breath taking,  and the archeological site of Delphi will just leave you stare amazed about the greatness of the ancient Greek civilization.

The entrance of the archeological site is on your way, and you will see it, because of the dozens of buses and cars parked nearby. Remember, this is one of the top destinations for people who admire the ancient Greek civilization, therefore, you will see tourists literally from all around the world.

Park your car and enter the ‘sacred’ land of Delphi after paying the entrance fee. Realizing the majestic mountainous scenery that unfolds beneath your feet, you will understand in a short time why this place was sacred. Walk uphill, and the road will lead you to the majestic monuments such as the temple of Apollo.

 If your stamina is good walk all the way till the end of the road where you will find the outstanding and well-preserved ancient stadium. The view from there will make you believe that you are on top of the world. This place is loaded with energy, and if you close your eyes for a moment, you may hear the noise from the crowds enjoying sports thousands of years ago. Just let the magic of the moment dominate your senses, try to chill out, and enjoy the landscape! These are memories that will accompany you for the rest of your life!


Don’t forget to visit the Delphi Museum. There you will find outstanding statues and findings that will help you shape a better picture of how the ancient Delphi city and Oracle were structured and how people lived. The best period to visit Delphi is during Spring and Autumn

On your way back to Athens visit Krya in Livadia

As you will drive back to Athens, we suggest you to make a stop in Livadia. Livadia is a very nice city built about 44 km southeast of Delphi (about 45 min driving distance) and were the capital of the Viotia Prefecture. While there you should visit Krya, a fairy tale place in the suburbs of Livadia. The crystal clear water streams from the mountains pass from Krya and eventually feed the Erkyna river.

If you love the sounds of running waters, then you are in the best place. Since ancient times, people were seduced by the natural beauty of Krya and Delphi foreseers were being blessed in these waters before entering the Delphi Oracle. Nowadays, you will have the chance to admire picturesque watermills, small waterfalls, and majestic plane trees. All these and many more, create a natural landscape of exquisite beauty! Fortunately, the tourist exploitation here is mild and respects the landscape. This is the ideal place to eat at one of the many traditional taverns. Krya is well known for its delicious traditional souvlaki.

Wonders never cease in Greece! Rent a car and discover its countless beauties!