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Skiathos Car Rentals


Skiathos is a small island in the Northern Sporades filled with forests of Pine trees, beautiful beaches and archaeological ruins. Arrange your car hire early with CarGreece.gr. We will free you up to get on with your exploration of this wonderful island in no time at all. With no need to shop around for prices, due to our best price guarantee, you will be left with more to spend having fun. Our convenient locations and wide range of vehicles are available to you through the simplest of booking systems so car rental is headache free.

With all that you can want from a sunny island holiday, Skiathos has over 60 sandy beaches to choose from, including Banana Beach for those looking to shed their clothes for some nude sunbathing. There is, perhaps, no better endorsement for a holiday destination than knowing that tourists return to the island year after year, quoting its natural beauty and great Greek cuisine as one of the many things that bring them back picturesque Skiathos.


If you choose a Greek island as a holiday location, then you're almost certainly looking for a combination of beautiful beaches, historical sites and great cuisine. Skiathos will not disappoint. The beaches are outstanding, clean and inviting, and driving allows you to make the most of them all. Be sure to stop off at Koukounariés Beach on your travels. This special beach was named the best in Greece and is frequently referred to as the most unspoilt beach in the Mediterranean.  The fragrant aroma of pine, lush white sands and clear water make this a popular beach that will satisfy all of your senses. This area is a protected natural environment, and all development is undertaken with an eco-tourism ethos in mind, so enjoy this beach guilt free.

For the peace loving amongst you, wanting seclusion away from tourists, Kalamaki await. Visit and feel like you've arrived on your own desert island paradise. The crystal-clear water makes this a beautiful area to scuba, or you can simply bask on the soft sands, while looking out at the azure sea. This area remains quiet even in high season, due to there being no buses to this route. Here is when you truly benefit from our car rental.

But, Skiathos is more than just beaches, so prise yourself away and take some time to explore Skiathos Town. The town is built in a curve around the bay, and contains most of the Skiathos' population, so there is no shortage of things to do and see. With a variety of cuisines on offer, bars, shopping and all night clubs, you will find more than enough to fill your time. However, if authentic Greece is what you were looking for, then fear not; despite being a major area on Skiathos, the town manages to retain the quintessential Greek charm that you visit for.

So, you've done the beaches and great Greek cuisine, now complete your holiday with an injection of Greek history, by making Kastro your next destination. Once the main town on the island, Kastos was adopted in the 14th century for the natural defence against pirates that its position provided. It was abandoned in the 1800s, but some of the old buildings still exist as ruins. Kastro's cliff top location is certainly worth the climb. Take a camera as the views from this elevated spot are a site to behold and record.

This is just a small amount of what is on offer for visitors to enjoy on this wonderful island. Allow CarGreece.gr to help you on your travels, with one of our great offers, and explore 'til your heart’s content.

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