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Rethymnon Car Rentals


The third largest city in Crete – Rethymnon – is located between Chania and Heraklion, on the island’s north coast. Rethymnon benefits from a rich union of old and new; its history is evident in the mixing pot of architecture found around the city, which includes dominant Venetian fortresses, mosques and minarets. The previous occupation by Turks and Italians has left its mark all over this interesting city. This is a city that manages to be both vibrant (partly thanks to the large student population) and the height of tranquillity, with the culture being treasured and preserved by the locals. Rethymnon boasts a long stretch of coast offering beaches with shallow clean waters making this an ideal location for a family holiday.

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This is a fascinating, diverse city which has been inhabited since Minoan times, has lots to see and do. The old town is a great place to spend time, with a maze of streets full of Venetian and Medieval architecture. The long seaside promenade features restaurants, shops and cafes and offers great views of the sea, before seeing some of the great parts of the old town. The Fortezza will definitely be on your list of must see places. This imposing Venetian castle is built on top of a low hill known as Paleokastro (‘old castle’ in Greek), above the Town. The fortress was built in the mid-1500s to defend against Turkish pirates. As you’d expect, the views from the fortress are a true marvel.

While Rethymnon’s old town is a great place to spend time, there’s even more on offer than that. Take a drive to one of the many picturesque villages, some of which date back hundreds of years. Argiroupolis, a small village built over the ancient city of Lappa, is famous for its springs and waterfalls that attracted the Romans, who took advantage of the lush springs by building baths there. The ruins of the baths are still present in the village today. Take a walk around the village where you can buy a range of locally grown produce. Stop at one of the tavernas for refreshments and some authentic Greek cuisine. Then take a walk south of the village to see the working water cistern that dates back to 27BC. While you're in the area and on the trail of antiquities, head out of the village to the east, where you'll find the Church of the Five Virgins alongside a Plane Tree thought to have been alive for 2000 years. Here you will find tombs carved like caves into the cliff face, open to visitors.

For those wishing to soak up the sun on the beach, Rethymnon has some beautiful beaches. Perivolia is close to the town and very popular in summer, but if you prefer your beach without too many people then take a drive to Agios Georgios on the southern side of Rethymnon, close to Agia Galini - bring a picnic as this beach has no facilities. What this pretty cove offers is the opportunity to escape it all, strip off and catch the sun.

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