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Paros Car Rentals


What more could you want from a holiday than what Paros has to offer? The answer: very little! This beautiful island in the heart of the Aegean Sea has something to please everyone – add car hire from CarGreece.gr and you'll really feel like you've hit the jackpot.

Paros is a great choice for families, youths and couples seeking a romantic getaway. Parian villages offer beautiful examples of Greek architecture, from the blue domed churches to the white washed houses that line the paved street: this is the Cycladic architecture that one looks for in a visit to Greece. With so much to see and do on this island in the sun, you won’t want to be limited by hotel excursions. Tailor your holiday to suit you and choose excursions at your own pace by making your first destination CarGreece.gr. With us, you’ll find a wide range of vehicles, simple booking system and convenient locations, all at the best price. You’ll be on your way to exploring before you can say “Paros”!


Now you've arranged your car rental, what should you do? There’s so much on offer in Paros, you’ll be truly spoilt for choice. In particular, this island perfectly meets the needs of anyone looking to spend their vacation on the beach. Paros beaches are renowned for their crystal-clear water and golden sands, and one of the most popular hotspots is Golden Beach. Park up here and get yourself onto the seafront for wind- and kite-surfing – if you’re good, you may even be able to take part in the international windsurfing competition that takes place right here every summer. If watersports aren’t your thing, how about visiting Agios Fokas, one of the smaller beaches on the island. Located at the entrance of the gulf of Parikia, this is a gorgeous, secluded spot to soak up the sun in peace.

Of course, Paros isn’t only about the seaside. The villages on this island are jam-packed with traditional ambience thanks to the beautiful, white-washed architecture lining every street. Parikia and Naoussa are popular destinations, but if you’re after something a little less crowded then drive yourself over to Lefkes, Marpissa or Prodromos.

Fans of ancient Greek life will enjoy a visit to the Quarries of Marathi; used from the third millennium BC until recent years, the dark corridors present a scary, yet fascinating experience. Get back in your car and continue on your historical path with a trip to the Mycenaean Acropolis overlooking Kolimbithres, thought to be built in the thirteenth century BC. Then, fill your head with knowledge at the Paros Archaeological Museum, home to numerous ancient findings.

If you’re visiting with children, get yourself into a family friendly car from CarGreece.gr and cruise on down to the Aqua Paros Waterpark, one of the biggest water attractions in Greece. A great way to spend the day, this park is particularly unique in its use of sea water, rather than the typical chemically-treated water found in most locations. The slides, rise and games will keep adults and children happy for hours.

Even once you’ve left the Waterpark, you’ll find that there’s no end of fun to be found of this beautiful island. Your car rental will be a true asset, allowing you the freedom to see everything Paros has to offer.

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