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Naxos Car Rentals


Naxos, the largest of the Cycladic Islands is a paradise located in the Aegean Sea and the home of Zeus, the god of gods. With a cornucopia of beautiful beaches, Naxos really is a horn of plenty. When you visit Greece, you know you are visiting the geological location of the birthplace of western civilisation. On this island fit for the gods, you will find all the components one looks for from a holiday in Greece. While some visit Greece for the plethora of outstanding beaches that frame the azure clear waters, others want to experience for themselves the bygone areas where great men once lived. Naxos, the former centre of archaic Cycladic culture, is sure to delight. With so much to see, let CarGreece.gr help you on your way to exploring this stunning island. We offer you a wide range of vehicles, picked up from convenient locations and ensure you get the best deal for you with a price guarantee, all of which happens through our simple booking system. Before you know it, you'll be driving off into the sun to experience all that Naxos has to offer.


Well, there’s certainly no shortage of things to do and see on this rugged island. Naxos is home to spectacular mountain ranges and your car rental will allow you to take advantage of some of the outstanding vistas, all while conserving some energy to get you to the summit. Zas Mountain is magnificent, named after the great god Zeus. Mythology says that Zeus was raised in a cave on the island. This splendid mountain is 1,004 metres high. The summit, reached by foot, gives visitors a spectacular view. While in the area you can also visit the cave of Za, the biggest on the island. Take a spotlight to see the spectacular stalagmites. If you're still in climbing mode after this, a trip to the Temple to Demeter is a fascinating experience.

The ruins on the hilltop are complimented by a museum on site. When you're done you can take a trip into Sagri for a spot of Greek cuisine in a traditional tavern. Upon recharging your batteries, if you're still in the mood for exploration, then Sagri has a lot more for you to see. The Monastery of Agios Elefterios and Palaiologos Tower are both worth a visit.

Of course, you don't visit a Greek island just for the ruins. So take advantage of your car and visit one of Naxos' outstanding beaches. For a beach with soft sands, crystal-clear water and seaside taverns, Agia Anna is a great location to spend your time. If you're looking for more from your beach experience, then Agios Georgios will suit pleasure seeker wanting to try some water sports. For some quiet time, travel to the western side of the island to Aliko. With a choice of small bays with soft white sands and waters as clear as day, some have the benefit of tamarisk trees which offer some shade.

Above the beach, an exotic protected landscape is created by the cedar forest with fantastic sand dunes. This unspoilt beach is the ideal haven for all who seek some time away from the crowds.  Whatever you want from this island in the sun, a car from us will set you on the road to finding it.

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