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Kos Car Rentals


An island of natural beauty, Kos is filled with awe-inspiring beaches where the water is clear as crystal and the sand is as golden as the sun that hits it. Exploring Kos is a joy for all types of travellers. The Roman doctor Gallino termed Kos ‘the most temperate place in the world’.

Kos is one of the many islands that make up the Dodecanese group. Its 290km coastline sprawls all around the land mass, offering shimmering sea-sides, natural wonders and buzzing venues. The timeworn old villages and cosmopolitan party towns somehow merge perfectly here. You’ll love exploring this island in a car from CarGreece.gr. Get the best deals on car rentals, select from a wide range of vehicles and get yourself on the road as soon as possible. Enjoy a wealth of Greek history and numerous activities all around the island, all at your own pace.


Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, born around 460 BC – pay homage to the father of modern medicine by taking a trip to the Plane Tree. Though the legends that claim Hippocrates taught his students here and untrue, it’s still worth a visit and it’s a great place to ponder his life’s work. The tree has a 12 metre circumference, making it possibly the largest in Europe. When you’re done paying your respects, you’ll find yourself on the doorstep of The Castle of the Knights, built in the 14th century and used to defend Kos from the Ottomans.

Continuing on the trail of previous civilisations, drive yourself and your party to the Western Excavation, the home of some of the island's oldest archaeological finds. These well preserved ruins offer visitors a real insight into the life of ancient Greeks, the highlight being the 1800 year old mosaics of the House of Europe. While you’re here, a visit to the Temple of Dionysos and the Roman Odeon Theatre are the ideal next stop.

When you’ve had your fill of the wonderful historical sites, consider taking a trip to Nissyros. This active volcano offers true thrills, with hot springs, sulphur fumes and hot water jets. The yellow, ochre and brown hues are a truly amazing view.

After the excitement of the volcano, calm down on one of the beautiful beaches that holiday-goers love Kos for. Paradise Beach, known to some as ‘bubble beach’, should definitely be on your agenda. The volcanic activity on neighbouring islands makes some parts of the sea bubble like a luscious, natural Jacuzzi. Park up at the beach and stay for the whole day, drinking and dining at the local tavern.

Tigaki Beach is another favourite on Kos. The clean beach and clear water will take your breath away, and you’ll enjoy all the places to eat, drink and shop. Tigaki is never too busy, so you’re sure to get the peace and quiet you deserve. You’ll find even more solitude at Cavo Paradiso – a lovely spot for a picnic and some quality time.

Greece has something for everyone, and so does CarGreece.gr. Just make sure you rest up – you’ve got a great holiday ahead of you!

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