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Kefalonia Car Rentals


Arriving in Kefalonia, you may find yourself familiar with the island thanks to its use in the Hollywood film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.  Kefalonia, also known as Cephalonia, is the largest island of the Ionian archipelago and a perfect holiday location for discerning travellers who require stunning beaches, dramatic natural beauty, rich history and an authentic Greek experience. This is an island worth exploring, offering so much to see and do, so make your first stop CarGreece.gr. Car rental is a vital asset if you plan to experience the best that Kefalonia has to offer. CarGreece.gr will take the difficulty out of your car rental with a simple booking system, a wide range of vehicles and convenient locations. We also offer a best price guarantee meaning you won't have to shop around for the best deal for you. That extra time saved is yours to use for your exploration of this special, unspoilt island in the sun.


Kefalonia boasts some truly amazing beaches, with white and golden sands and blue water - the perfect seaside experience. The most famous is Myrtos Beach, but if you're seeking some of the beauty captured in Captain Corelli's Mandolin then take a visit to Antisamos, where the turquoise sea is perfectly framed by golden sands and greenery. This organised beach is a great location for water sport enthusiasts. For visual drama, Xi awaits. The striking colour contrast is quite breath-taking, the softest red sand clashing with the white clay cliffs surrounding it. The clay is thought by locals to be highly beneficial to the skin, so don't be surprised to see people wandering the beach covered in it. This is a great spot for those with children; the gentle sand slopes offer more than enough shallow water for children to enjoy. The plethora of watersports available on this beach are sure to please the more adventurous traveller, making it ideal for everyone.

If you ever tire of lying on one of Kefalonia’s stunning beaches, then use your rental car to visit some of islands wonders. Whether you are 'cave person' or not, you won’t be disappointed with a trip to Melissani Cave, also known as the Cave of the Nymphs. This cave is viewed exclusively by boat, and if you visit at just the right time of day, the lighting produces striking effects that aren’t to be missed. Drogarati's Cave, believed to be around 150 million years old, was discovered 300 years ago. The 60m deep cave is warm and humid and lit by electricity, enabling you to admire the awesome stalactites and stalagmites. The large hall of the cave has perfect acoustics and has been used for concerts, with a repertoire of artists that includes the likes of Maria Callas.

If you're seeking historical sites, Ancient Sami, at the foot of the Agioi Fanendoi and Palaiokastro hills contains archaeological discoveries that date back to the 3rd century BC. The Archaeological Museum contains treasures from the archaeological digs that have taken place on the island.

Whatever you want to see, driving is the very best way to get around and a car rental with us the best option for it. With a great network of roads that lead to some of the most magnificent views, your car rental will help you to make the most out of a trip to this wonderful island.

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