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Heraklion Car Rentals


Heraklion is a region located on the eastern site of Crete, and it is by far the island’s most popular location. This city is a popular location for holiday-goers seeking vibrant nightlife, amazing beaches, traditional taverns, blood-pumping water sports, and everything in between. Your car rental experience with CarGreece.gr will only make your visit better. Start your journey before you even arrive by booking a vehicle from our extensive range – it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Thanks to our convenient pickup locations, you won’t miss a second of Heraklion once you’ve landed. As if that wasn’t enough, CarGreece.gr guarantees that you’ll pay the best possible price for your car.

With car keys in your hand and the world at your fingertips, you’ll be able to get yourself to all the must-see locations in this sophisticated city. Drive from secluded beaches where isolation has never been more desirable, to unique restaurants that will have you asking for seconds, to man-made and natural sites to explore for hours. Car rental with us ensures that you won’t be limited to the typical tourist destinations in the city – there’s something for everyone in Heraklion, and we’re here to help you find your corner of paradise.


Heraklion’s beaches are not to be missed. Sleep on the sands of Tsoutsouros or Psaromoura, two of the less developed southern coasts of Crete. With a book in one hand and sun cream in the other, you’re sure to have a tranquil experience. Once you’ve had enough of the sun, it’s time to fill your belly with exquisite Greek cuisine. ‘Foodies’ will find their home in one of the many traditional restaurants dotted along every street.

Sun, sea and good eating are all great, but having a car means you don’t have to miss out of any aspect of Heraklion. Your next stop may be a historical journey of Minoan discovery to see the early flourishing of civilisation. Drive five miles from Heraklion Town to visit the Palace of Knossos for an archaeological buzz. It is believed that the area was destroyed by a tsunami, triggered by the 1550 BC volcanic eruption in Santorini, and the remains are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Continuing on the trail, take a look at the Palace of Phaestos (a smaller scale version of Knossos).

When that’s all over, take your car for a cruise around the villages and landmarks that make Heraklion so popular. The man-made villages, Byzantine monasteries and medieval castles are all amazing sights, as are the locations of natural beauty. Park your car in Skoteino and head to the village’s cave on foot to see a historically important Minoan sanctuary. If you enjoy that, you’ll love the caves of Matala in the rock formations above the beach, used as residences and graves over the ancient years.

Rocks aren’t the only natural wonder of Heraklion. Those who love wildlife should get themselves to Gouves to see the largest aquarium in the Mediterranean, full of vibrant and rare sea-dwelling creatures.

Opportunities in Heraklion are plentiful – let CarGreece.gr ensure that you see them all.

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Heraklion International Airport (HER)
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