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Halkidiki Car Rentals


Southwest of Thessaloniki, in Central Macedonia, lies the world famous peninsula of Halkidiki. Its peculiar shape looks like 3 ‘fingers’ or ‘legs’, all three of which end up in three smaller peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount. Athos. Halkidiki is a place blessed with rare natural beauty, crystal clear waters, golden beaches and picturesque villages and settlements characterized by magnificent traditional architecture. Halkidiki is ideal for holidays regardless of whether you decide to visit it in spring, summer, autumn or winter. It is a lively and world-class pole of tourist attraction, simply because it offers generously all that you may ever dream of your ideal holidays. It can satisfy all needs and budgets. Its advanced tourist infrastructure ensures that you will get the most of your accommodation while its dense and good quality road network ensures that you will get to your desired Halkidiki destination fast and easy.

Because of its large size and its countless attractions the best way to visit and explore the hidden ‘treasures’ of Halkidiki is to rent a car. For this reason, you should pre-book your car on the internet. This way you will manage to save money. Renting a car on the net and pre-booking two or three weeks in advance, will give you the opportunity to choose from a wider selection of cars at lower rates from the comfort of your place. Since they are a lot of net car rental portals and time is money, one of the top car rental portals regarding Greece is www.cargreece.gr. It's cleverly designed database and user-friendly interface guarantee that you will rent a car that will fully meet your needs and won’t over exceed your budget. Another great factor that you should take into very serious consideration is that all the transactions and private information are 100% secured since the www.cargreece.gr Portal uses a very advanced security system.

After settling the matter of the car rental, you can book your air ticket to the Macedonia international airport in Thessaloniki since it is the largest and closest airport to Halkidiki. When arriving in Thessaloniki, just go to the car rental pick-up desk, and get the car you booked via www.cargreece.gr. Now you are ready to drive to and explore one of the most beautiful and most interesting places in the world. Generally speaking, the road network is of good quality, and, most importantly, more than 90% of attractions are easily accessible by car.

Rent a Car … Drive and Explore Halkidiki…!

Even though someone can get to Halkidiki by bus, taxi or boat, the best way to explore this magnificent place is to rent a car. This way you will have all the freedom you want and be able to draw your preferred routes and destinations at your pace. No need to hurry, no need to follow others, no need to be stuck in a bus.

While you will be driving from Thessaloniki towards Chalkidiki, the variety of landscapes that will unfold will make you stare with astonishment, ‘thirsty’ for more. If someone tries to describe some of the pictures that are characteristic of Halkidiki will probably need tons of pages! Endless blue….and 550+ plus km. of golden sand beaches, 32 of which awarded with the blue flag (i.e. the blue flag is awarded to beaches that are characterized by crystal clear waters and high standard organized facilities). The more you will be driving into Halkidiki, the more you will understand that renting a car was a wise choice. The feeling of tranquility and positive vibes, enhanced with purity and freedom, create a unique canvas of a great holidays experience.  After all, Halkidiki is a place natural and organized, traditional and contemporary, quiet and busy; a place of contrasts!

As you will be driving from Thessaloniki, the first crossroad of you Chalkidiki exploration will be Polygyros, which is the capital of the prefecture of Halkidiki, just 70 km from Thessaloniki.

Built amphitheatrically on an altitude of 550 m., Polygyros could become your ideal base if you are not sure which of the three ‘legs’ you want to explore or if you want to explore attractions situated in two or all three of the ‘legs’. It is almost in the center considering distance and time. Also, it can offer you all you need while staying there, such as cheap accommodation, many taverns, and attractive surroundings. From there you will get a nice view of Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount. Athos.

A short Guide to Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount. Athos


Every year, thousands of tourists choose Kassandra as their summer holidays destination. Kassandra is famous for its spectacular attractions, buzzing and colorful nightlife, magnificent beaches ideal for sunbathing and tranquil moments next to the sea. Most of the beaches are well organized offering a wide variety of water sports and outdoor activities. On the other hand, most of the settlements are surrounded by dense forests, ideal for hiking and mountain biking. So many things to do, so many places to visit. Kassandra is more suitable for young people or those feeling young who are looking for rather crowdy and fun places!

Kassandra - Attractions
As mentioned above, the ‘leg’ of Kassandra has way too many attractions and is relatively impossible to list all of them in this article. In general though, most of the settlements and villages are surrounded by rich archeological, historical and religious monuments and ruins blending perfectly with the well-blessed natural surroundings.

You can start your road trip excursions from Nea Potidea, where you can visit the Potidea Canal and the castle ruins. Later on you will pass by Nea Fokaia, where the church and tower of Apostolos Pavlos and the Wildlife Sanctuary seem like top spots to visit while being there.

Nearby is Afitos, a village with great history and very friendly people. There, some of the most interesting attractions are the ancient mines, the Vrisitsa springs, the Folklore Museum and some outstandingly picturesque chapels. As you will be driving south from Afitos, you will reach the Kallithea village. An overall nice village with great taverns, a very nice windmill, a Folklore Museum and nice cafes to enjoy your evening coffee while having a rest! Nearby is Polichrono with its small lake, the place where the rare lake turtle Testudinata lives and breeds.

On the west Kassandra Coast, the Agia Paraskevi spa facilities are a great place to stop by and even stay for a couple of days. The accommodation rates are reasonable and the spa springs are well known for their rich natural minerals. A couple of spa sessions and you will feel totally reborn and relaxed! Some other interesting attractions on the West Kassandra Coast are the Theotokos Church with its beautiful frescos in Kalandra, the ancient temple of Poseidon and the lighthouse in Poseidi! All very close to Agia Paraskevi.

Kassandra - Nightlife
Kassandra is the leg with the most lively nightlife compared to the other two Halkidiki ‘legs’. If you are a ‘party-animal’, then Kassandra is the place to be. There you will find dozens of beach bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and taverns. During the summer season, this place gets over-crowded, and many beach events take place with world-famous guest DJs and huge beach parties! If you add to all these the beautiful beaches in Chanioti, Nea Potidea, Poseidi, Pefkochori, Fourka, Polychrono and many more, then there is no need to look any further. Kassandra is the proof that renting a car is the best thing to do since there are so many places to go and so many parties to get wild. Rent a car and live the Kassandra summer experience to its fullest!

Kassandra - Outdoor activities and water sports
You can visit many magnificent beaches and dive into the crystal clear waters while enjoying the alluring warmth of the bright Greek sun. Kassandra is also a great place for outdoor activities and water sports! Almost all of the popular Kassandra beaches are well organized and man-powered with experienced and qualified instructors if you are in the mood to learn how to tame the winds and waves while windsurfing of kite surfing. Also, there are many scuba diving schools where you can attend some express scuba diving lessons and dive with experienced divers to explore the hidden secrets of Kassandra in its  lively and magical underwater world!

On the other hand, if you are the kind of explorer who prefers hiking, mountain biking or just walking around and taking pictures of beautiful natural landscapes, then Kassandra won’t disappoint you! Its forests are ideal for all these while the picturesque villages prove to be great alternatives for peaceful and relaxing evening walks. While in Kassandra, don’t forget to visit the wildlife sanctuaries in Nea Fokea and Polichrono.


If you are looking for a real ‘paradise’ on Earth where landscapes offer generously so many spectacular natural views, then the middle ‘leg’ of Sithonia is a place that will make you change the way you think of the ideal summer holidays. Renting a car seems the best thing to do, because Sithonia offers an outstanding road trip experience where the unfolding landscapes just totally seduce the senses and let the imagination fly wild and free.

Changing landscapes characterized by golden sand beaches, picturesque little gulfs and coves, azure crystal clear waters, historic monuments, traditional charming architecture and colours so bright and lively that honestly it is way too difficult to find anywhere else in the world!

Sithonia - Attractions
There are so many interesting attractions and so many beautiful and pure natural landscapes that it is very difficult to figure out from where to begin. If you are not planning to stay in Polygyros as mentioned above, probably the best place to use as your excursion base is the picturesque seaside settlement of Neos Marmaras. From there you can manage your road trips easily and cut to half times and distances. Overall, Neos Marmaras is a pretty cool place to stay at since it is relatively small, with most of its hotels being small or medium-sized and run by families rather than large tourist companies. This is good, because you will feel very welcome from the very first time that you will enter a hotel or a studio. Simple, communicative and helpful locals will make your stay in Neos Marmaras an experience to remember!

One of the best road trip starting points is probably Nikiti, yet one more small picturesque seaside settlement on the North West coast of Sithonia. Try your best to arrive there early in the morning before the sun gets too hot. Walk through its many cobble-stoned pavements and have a look at its great traditionally built stone houses, a great example of the Macedonian traditional architectural style. Have your breakfast there and enjoy your morning coffee! You will love it!

Then you can drive southwards to the traditional settlement of Neos Parthenonas, one of the best-preserved traditional settlements of Halkidiki. You are strongly advised to take your camera with you since Neos Parthenonas is ideal for people who love taking pictures of traditional settlements and buildings. Have your lunch in Neos Marmaras, and then, in the early afternoon, drive to Porto Karras where you can visit the local vineyards, the stables, and its beautiful marina. A great place to enjoy the sunset next to the sea. Pop into one of the many nearby fish taverns and find out, the best possible way, why the Greek traditional cuisine rates among the best in the world!

Another great idea, especially if you like visiting historical sites, is to plan a road trip to Toroni. There you can visit the ruins of the Toroni castle and the early-Christian church of Agios Athanasios. Afterwards, you can drive to Sarti for a few hours of sunbathing and diving and then continue to Sykia, where the local windmills blend perfectly with the harmony of the surrounding natural landscape.

Sithonia - Nightlife
Even though Sithonia does not have so many beach bars, and its nightlife is a lot quieter than that of Kassandra, this doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some really great night moments there, too. In Sithonia, you will find nice and rather interesting small bars and cafes.
There, people are friendly, and the chances are great for having some interesting discussions accompanied by easy listening music. You may even find a couple of people having guitars and end up singing till the very first moments of sunrise. Authentic, friendly, simple moments! The best nightlife spots in Sithonia are Neos Marmaras, Nikiti, and Sarti.

Sithonia - Outdoor activities and water sports
Sithonia is the ideal place to enjoy the pure essence of the Greek summer where surely you will spend endless and totally tranquil moments, sunbathing and diving in beaches that look so beautiful, almost unreal. If you are looking for organized beaches, then you should drive to the beaches of Sarti, Neos Marmaras, and Nikiti. On the other hand, ask the locals to inform you about the rather less known and pure beaches. There, you will be able to feel for a few hours that you are on a real seaside paradise, as in the case of Vourvourou beach!

On the other hand, if you enjoy hiking or mountain biking, then the mountain of Itamos will provide you with all the excitement that you may look for! Great paths await you to discover by feet the blessed nature of Sithonia. Just mind that, during the summer period, you should avoid walking outdoors during the afternoon hours, since the temperatures can rise really high!

Mount Athos and Agion Oros

The third ‘leg’ of Halkidiki is a sacred place for Greeks and the Greek Orthodox Church believers. The religious community of Agion Oros consists of 20 monasteries, 12 hermitages, countless cells, chapels, and churches. Under the protection of the almighty Mount Athos, Agion Oros, and the whole peninsula in general, is a place dedicated to God; a place where the man discovers his inner self surrounded by natural blessings. No wonder why it is considered as one of the most famous attractions of religious tourism in the world.

For this reason, if you are looking for a ‘heavenly’ experience, then staying for a couple of nights at one of the monasteries will prove to be the experience of a lifetime! Bare in mind though, that the ‘avaton’ is strictly applied all the time! This means that no women are allowed in Agion Oros. Men are allowed to stay at a monastery of their choice from 4-15 days, but only a few are allowed at a time. To ensure your stay at a monastery in Agion Oros, you must contact the monastery of your choice in advance and make a reservation.

The experience of staying at a monastery, that may date many centuries back in time, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can also directly observe how monks live, work and praise the Lord.

The religious art found is uniquely amazing, making monasteries not only sacred places of worship, but also very interesting live and  interactive museums.All monasteries have great collections of books, codes, manuscripts, frescos, etc.; precious treasures dating as back as the era of the Great Byzantine Empire!

On the other hand, if you just plan to visit a couple of monasteries, but not intend to stay there, then you can book your accommodation in either Ouranoupoli or Tripiti in the entrance of the peninsula. Ouranoupoli is a small town with a very good tourist infrastructure, plenty of shops, hotels, cafes and bars, as well as restaurants and fish taverns. And yes, women are allowed to stay there! The ‘avaton’ is followed only in the area of Agion Oros.

If you are looking for a rather more serene place to stay, then the area of Tripiti is ideal for you. Surrounded by bloomy nature, magical beaches, and azure waters, it seems to be the ideal tourist destination. Especially for those who want to stay away from noise and crowds and rather enjoy a comfortable, classy and exquisite accommodation experience!

Mount Athos - Beaches
Swimming is not allowed in Agion Oros. Fortunately, this is not the case for the nearby beaches. Some of the beaches that are worth a visit are: Alexandros, Philippos, Agios Pavlos, Komitsa, Ksiropotamos, Tzafa, Voulitsa, and Iviritiko. Also, if you are going to stay in Tripiti, then you should visit the islet of Ammouliani that is situated close to Tripiti and Ouranoupoli. A small ferry can take you there on a daily basis. There, you will feel like a castaway left on a serene forgotten piece of paradise on earth!

Summing up, Halkidiki is one of the best places on Earth to choose from for your summer holidays. Regardless of your expectations, budget, and time, Halkidiki will surely offer you countless reasons to come back soon. No matter how long you may plan to stay, you will always be short of time. There are so many places to visit, so many things to do that renting a car proves to be the best alternative to save both time and money. Renting a 4x4 will give you a great feeling of freedom and autonomy and will help you access many isolated beaches where time passes in a different way and where stress and hurry are totally unknown words!

Rent a car...explore Halkidiki...and enjoy the pure essence of the Greek Summer!

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