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Known to many as ‘the Mastic Island’ (so named because of the mastic trees that grow there), Chios is the fifth largest island in the Aegean Sea. The aromatic mastic trees produce mastic gum, which is exported for use in various products. But this isn’t the only thing Chios is known for – just like many other Greek islands, Chios has a long, rich history. Archaeological excavations of caves in the north of the island have indicated that the island has had a human presence since neolithic times. Combined with beautiful beaches and legendary villages visiting this historical location provides a truly fascinating adventure.

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On your visit to Chios, an island that has been granted protected designation of origin, you won’t want to miss the Mastichochoria villages. These fortified mastic settlements, built in the 14th century and known worldwide for the precious trees that is grows there, are both architecturally stunning and fascinating. Pirgi is the largest of the group and, like the others, is full of history and beauty. The area has a complex of medieval houses that were originally built to house the families of the local rulers and mastic tree growers who once worked there. The architecture is exemplary, and afforded protection for the locals from marauding pirates. Although many of the original villages were damaged in the earthquake of 1881, many remain and these are some of the most significant medieval communities in Greece today. There is so much to see in these superb villages, where you can experience the mastic production process for yourself.

Another essential stop is Nea Moni, an 11th-century monastery on the island, which is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for its mosaics, considered to be some of the finest examples of Macedonian Renaissance art in Greece.

One could fill an entire holiday soaking up the ancient history of this special island, but you would be amiss not to visit the splendid variety of beaches that Chios offers. If you're seeking a fun vibrant beach that is suitable for single people and families alike then drive yourself over to Karfas. This soft, sandy beach with clear shallow water is well organised with great facilities and water sports on offer. You’ll find everything you need for an exciting beach experience right here. However, if you’re seeking somewhere quiet to rest and unwind, head to Prastia. One of the most stunning beaches on Chios, this beach has crystal clear water and soft sands, surrounded by rocky cliffs covered with pine trees, making it an area of true natural beauty.

Alongside the mastic trees, historical sites steeped in legend, prehistoric caves, early art, and awesome beaches, there is even more to see on this magnificent island. Arm yourself with a map or a GPS unit and make the most of your car rental by exploring Chios to the max. You won’t be disappointed with what you discover.

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