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When you visit Athens, you know that you’re in one of the oldest cities in the world. With three thousand years of recorded history, this Greek capital is a truly amazing holiday destination. This city combines the modern with the traditional after an incredible transformation thanks to the 2004 Olympics. With great new transportation links, multi-language signage and all-new parks, Athens has become a number 1 hotspot to visit. Whether you’re a 21st century traveller or someone who’s looking for historical stories, there are so many places to see in Athens that you may feel overwhelmed. To ensure you see everything during you’re trip, make sure you choose car rental from CarGreece.gr. You’ll be free to travel around this amazing city in one of our multiple vehicles on offer. Choose us for our simple booking system, convenient pickup locations and best price guarantee.

This fascinating city is the cradle of western civilisation – where will CarGreece.gr take you?


Where will you start your exploration in the birthplace of democracy? You may choose to go for a trip to the historical sites that Athens is so well known for. If you’re looking for a starting point then drive to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon, an iconic structure in one of the most famous archaeological sites the world has seen. After that, get yourself acquainted with stories from ages past at the Acropolis Museum. The Agora of Athens and the Temple of Olympian Zeus will show you the remains of powerful social and political civilisations gone by.

If you love want more museum action, get yourself to the Museum of the Olive and Olive Oil for a fun and educational day. Tour guides will tell you all about the classic Greek mythological tale of how the goddess Athena gave Athens the first olive tree. If you’re prefer reality to mythology, you’ll enjoy finding out about how the olive trees planted in 1200 are still producing olives to this day.

These trees are just one aspect of authentic Greek culture. A trip to the Plaka District will offer the opportunity to wander amongst canopied walkways (passing those ancient trees) and experience the land’s cuisine in one of the many cafés. Travellers with money to spend (thanks to the low prices at CarGreece.gr!) can shop in the boutiques that bring people back to Athens again and again.

After all that travelling, drive to the National Garden for a relaxing few hours in this pretty, green oasis – the ideal escape for a those seeking some quiet and relaxation. Don’t feel that a holiday to Athens is all about city life; here is where your rental car comes in to its own. Athens has some beautiful beaches to visit. If you’re looking for water sports and a party atmosphere, then Schinias (north east of Athens) offers clean waters and silky sand. For something a little closer to Athens centre, Alimos is a popular beach with cafes and sports centres. You can even get a more secluded beach experience by driving to Legrena, to the south east or the popular beaches of Vouliagmeni, Varkiza, Anavyssos and Mavro Lithari, all located in the south east of Athens and on the way to Sounion. You can combine your car rental in Athens with a trip to Cape Sounion, this is probably one of the best roads to drive in Athens, for more information have a look at our page Sounion Car Rental Trip Suggestion. In Athens, where you want to take your car is entirely up to you.

Popular Pick-up locations in Athens
Athens International Airport (ATH)
Piraeus Port
Center (Syngrou & V.Sofias Avenue)
Hilton Hotel
Kiffisias Avenue